Students learn leadership and new skills with the Kingdom Builders project

posted Jan 15, 2018, 3:09 PM by School Websites
For the month of November, St. Paul staff and students focused on Learning Partnerships as part of our Deep Learning initiatives. Mrs. Marin’s grade 12 religion class implemented these practices by partnering with grade 7 & 8 students to build picnic tables. The “Kingdom Builders” project provided grade 12 students with an opportunity to make vital connections between what they are doing and what they are learning. They took on a mentorship role with students at the intermediate level, where they were encouraged to learn, teach, guide,
communicate and collaborate with their peers.

With the help of Mr. Legault, a small “core leader” group of students learned how to safely build picnic tables for our school community, using kits originally donated from The Home Depot. Under the guidance of Mrs. Valentini and Ms. Strucchelli, these students then transferred their knowledge and skills to the rest the class and to their mentor students. Together, the students built 6 picnic tables while demonstrating leadership and responsibility. Two tables will remain at St. Paul, and the remaining 6 will be gifted to our Feeder Schools.