SHAD 2018

posted Sep 25, 2017, 6:49 AM by Stephen Myers

Applications for SHAD 2018 are officially open.

SHAD 2018 brings with it 3 
new host university campuses, meaning we have more spots in the program than ever before. SHAD is not just for those with the highest academic average or most vocal student leader.  As Canada's premier enrichment program, we are looking for Change Makers and "diamonds in the rough" - curious youth who want to realize their own potential to bring about real, positive change. It costs nothing to apply and bursaries and scholarships are available to ensure this opportunity is accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Deadline to apply is November 20

In the words of one high school teacher:

"Students return from SHAD having blossomed and gained much self-confidence. 'The month at SHAD was the best in my life thus far' is the reoccurring comment made by many of my students that have participated in SHAD. Many SHAD Fellows have used the skills to gain acceptances to highly coveted post-secondary programs and to win prestigious scholarships. SHAD is by far the best summer program for high school students!"

Join the SHAD Fellow Network of over 16,300 alumni, and enjoy the lifelong benefits of the SHAD Fellow designation, which is recognized by universities and scholarship providers. 

Please visit our Educators page for more information.

Stephen Myers,
Sep 25, 2017, 6:49 AM