Academics & Support

High School Programs

OCSB high schools offer a variety of programs to suit a wide array of student learning styles and interests.

OCSB Elite Skilled Trades Academy - Carpentry

The Construction Academy is a unique program that provides students with apprenticeship and employment opportunities in the construction industry while providing employers with a new source of workers to address skills shortages.  

SHSM Program

Our school is proud to host a SHSM program in Transportation.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in SHSM programs hosted  at other OCSB schools.  See your Guidance Counsellor for details.

Student Services

Department Staff

Department Head - Noel Cantin (Acting)

Office Administrator - Meaghan Kassner

Phone Number - 613-820-7401

High School Guidance - Melody Rotondo
Gr. 7&8 Guidance - Diana Valentini

Student Success Teacher - Shannon McDougall

Transitions Support Teacher - Alexandra Galloway

Guidance Counsellors are available to answer questions related to timetables, career planning, personal and social issues, special educational needs, and to suggest possible referrals to appropriate school personnel and outside agencies.

Co-Op Teacher - Kelly Mulligan Smith

St. Paul Co-op

Grade 7-8 Resource Teachers - 

Julia Austen & Colleen Quinn

High School Resource Teachers - 

Kerry Kelemen & Paul Nehme 

Inclusion Coordinator

Frank Bastianelli

Developmental Education Systems Class Teacher - Wanda Hammond

Education for Community Living Systems Class Teacher -  

Jennifer Klatt

High-performance athletes & artists

If your child is a high performing athlete or artist at the provincial, national, or international level, we understand they need the flexibility to train while continuing with their academic studies. Contact your guidance counsellor to discuss accommodations for your child.

Community Service Hours 

Community Service Hours Requirement:

Looking for ways to complete your Community Service Hours? Check out the these ideas:

Community Involvement Hours: Ideas

Community Service Hours Form

Community Services Available for Families in Need 

Community Health and Resource Centres offer food cupboards, clothing, primary care medical clinics, and various services for each community’s needs. Use your postal code to find your local Community Health or Resource Centre here

Use your address to find your local food bank here

There are also other community-based food programs in some local areas and for   cultural communities.

Applications for Ontario Works are completed online or over the phone at 1-888-999-1142 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Toll free TTY: 1-800-387-5559.

A child care fee subsidy helps with the high cost of child care, covering all or part of child care costs. An application must be completed online 

The City of Ottawa Hand In Hand application is a subsidy to help qualifying individuals, families and children access recreation programs offered by the City of Ottawa. To apply, complete the application form, and bring it with proof of income to your local recreation facility. Or you can visit the recreation facility to pick-up the form to complete. 

Low-cost laundry ($1.00 / washer load and $1.00 / dryer load) is available by appointment to

members ($2.00 / year membership) where all the laundry supplies are provided. Join the  co-op here: