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Parent Information Evening Presentations

Gr 8 Students going into Gr 9 Presentation

Website- St. Paul 2022 Parent Information Slides: Entering Grade 9

Gr 6 Students going into Gr 7 Presentation

2022 PAH Gr 6 Parent Info Night ~ School Website

Gr 9, 10, 11 students going into Gr 10, 11 and 12 Presentation

St. Paul 2022 High School Program Slides: Entering Grades 10-12

Lost or Stolen Presto Card

Instructions to Replace Registered/Unregistered Lost Card and Replacing It

Create an account and add the (lost) card to it

  1. Go to and click on "I'm a new user" and/or "Create a new account"

  2. Fill out the form. The students needs to record on a sheet of paper all the answers entered on the form just in case they forget their login username or password.

  3. Click on Add an Existing Card then enter the lost (assigned) card number and CVN.

  4. Card in now registered. Log out.

Report a lost card (start here if the card is already registered)

  1. Login to the account

  2. Click on "Report Lost Card" and select the lost card number.

  3. Under Transfer the Balance select option #3 "Cancel my card now and I will complete a transfer later".

  4. Logout of account

Buy a new card

  1. Go to a Shoppers Drug Mart and buy a new card for $6.00

  2. Ensure that store clerk activates the card before leaving the store

Transfer balance (school board pass) to the new card

  1. Login to the account (Do not register, activate or add the new card to the account)

  2. Click on Report Lost Card and select the lost card number

  3. Under Transfer the Balance select option #2 "A new Presto card I've already purchased"

  4. Enter the new card information and follow remaining prompts.

  5. Logout

  6. Wait 24 hours after transferring the balance to the replacement card before using it.

Learning Commons Survey

The STP Learning Commons wants to hear from you! We would like to know what you would like to see available in the Learning Commons. Please fill out this form so we can serve you better :)

Parent Portal and School Messenger!


Keep connected with School Messenger if you would like to receive messages such as school updates and newsletters. You must sign up to SchoolMessenger and set your notification preferences to receive communication from the school.

Parent Portal

Ensure you have registered for Parent Portal! You can view and print your child’s report cards, make sure your child’s school has your correct contact information, see your child’s class schedule, track high school credits and more!

Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours Requirement:

Looking for ways to complete your Community Service Hours? Check out the these ideas:

Community Involvement Hours: Ideas

Graduating students who unable to submit your Community Service Hours in person or via email (scan or photo) you may use this link: Community Service Hours Submission Form

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) Information

School Calendar