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Main Elevator – Out of Service Until Further Notice

The main lift, used to gain access to the second floor of St Paul School is out of service. The second floor of St Paul School is now inaccessible, except by stairs.

The contractor estimates that there will be at least a delay of one week to acquire the necessary parts to begin to repair the elevator.

Exam/Final Course Assessment (FCA) Instructions for Students - June 2024

Exams will be written in the regular classrooms, unless otherwise indicated by your teacher in advance. Students who remain at school following an exam are expected to be in the Learning Commons for individual, quiet study.  The cafeteria will be open in the morning before exams begin and during lunch time only.   

Students should remain at home on days they do not have exams unless they have pre-arranged to meet with a teacher.

The St. Paul’s Wellness Committee is planning a variety of activities to provide students with additional support before and during Exam/Final Course Assessment Week.  Stay tuned for more information. 

General Exam/FCA Instructions for Students 


All other articles (phones, wearable technology, food, coats, backpacks, purses, etc.) must be left in your locker.  This is a formal examination/assessment period; therefore, students must be aware of the following information:

OCSB Elite Skilled Trades Academy 

Student Presentations 23/24 OCSB Elite Skilled Trades Academy

Program Information Night Presentations

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Ensure you have registered for Parent Portal! You can view and print your child’s report cards, make sure your child’s school has your correct contact information, see your child’s class schedule, track high school credits and more! 

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***The school uses this safe and convenient online banking program for ALL school based expenses (field trips, team fees, special events, etc...).

Lost or Stolen Presto Card

Instructions to Replace Registered/Unregistered Lost Card and Replacing It

Create an account and add the (lost) card to it

Report a lost card (start here if the card is already registered)

Buy a new card

Transfer balance (school board pass) to the new card

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